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How to Learn New Board Games

What you should know is this: there are options out there for learning rules, and by knowing what works best for you, your ‘first game’ experience can become like 5x better.

Why Now is the Best Time For You to Get Into Board Games – Especially If You’re Introverted

Hi, I’m glad you’re here! The two times to get into board games are either now or later – culturally speaking we’re experiencing a pretty big wave here, so rather than it being a question of if you’re going to love them, it’s more like when. Here’s 3 reasons why you should get into boardContinue reading “Why Now is the Best Time For You to Get Into Board Games – Especially If You’re Introverted”

About Me

I’m a board game designer, generally working on projects with academic institutions to tranform research findings and educational systems into both board games and videogames.


Board Game Sage is dedicated to getting you and your friends into board games.

Our generation is experiencing a kind of renaissance where board games are getting super popular, and really high quality! I think this is awesome – board games are a pretty wholesome way to spend quality time with family and friends, and they’re often a lot more cost-effective and low-anxiety than something like going out for drinks.

However, getting into board games from scratch can be a little intimidating – what’s a worker placement game? What are some good base strategies for a game like Sushi Go? What games are good for beginners? What games will your partner enjoy? Is that cute farming game worth it?

I’m here to answer questions like these, so that your learning process is as easy and fun as possible – I hope you enjoy!

Warm regards,


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