Why Now is the Best Time For You to Get Into Board Games – Especially If You’re Introverted

Hi, I’m glad you’re here! The two times to get into board games are either now or later – culturally speaking we’re experiencing a pretty big wave here, so rather than it being a question of if you’re going to love them, it’s more like when. Here’s 3 reasons why you should get into board games now. These tips are applicable for people who are extraverted as well, but they’re especially nice if socializing is normally a draining experience for you!

Let yourself have a healthy, budget-friendly, social, relaxing and fun hobby

(That hobby is board games)

It’s an easy and low-stress way to socialize.

Compared to other forms of social time, board games offer a way to be together without needing to purchase alcohol or dress up.

You also don’t need to scrape for conversation, or feel as much fear about some awkward topic being brought up – which can be a lifesaver for certain family dynamics.

Because the board game is the prevalent object at the table, you can freely focus foremost on the game, and it’s not awkward if nobody has anything to say – you’re all playing a game, after all. Even better, the events of your game can provide great common ground for conversation topics during the game or after you’re done. This means you have a great icebreaker with co-workers, new friends or family visitors.

It’s only recently that board games have been going through this boom in popularity, meaning it’s more likely than ever that you’ll find a group of like-minded individuals looking for the same thing!

It’s a healthy and budget-friendly activity to spend time on.

There will always be people who spend too much on their hobbies, especially when they start (check back soon for a budget starter guide!) but board games really hit all the boxes:

  • Lowkey social time, so you can keep your social bars up without the stress of being at a bar or club – stay connected with social groups and family!
  • After your initial investment, each game night is free (four people at a restauraunt is the same cost as 1-3 board games that you’ll enjoy for years!)
  • Playing board games as a hobby involves no social obligation to eat out or drink. Of course good friend groups don’t pressure you either way, but it’s also not exactly fun when the point of the hangout is to do something you’re abstaining from.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can start reaching your dietary and financial goals!

No matter who you are, there’s a game for you.

It dosn’t matter if you’ve never played games before, or if you’re just getting into it now, or if you’re bad at math, or only good at jokes, or if you prefer randomness, or if you only like knitting-related activities, or games that involve throwing burritos, or you wish games were capped at 5 minutes. There is always a board game that is perfect for you – it’s just a matter of finding it!

In 2020, board game designers have started putting out games for everyone, regardless of experience or strategic inclination or social energy. There’s even a ton of one-player games out there now, so you can feel safe about getting a few games knowing that at the worst you can develop your skills playing solo.

So let’s get started!

I’m about to start typing out a list of the top board games to start with, but until then, my personal top 4 list includes:

  • Sushi Go, or Sushi Go Party – great for all ages
  • Settlers of Catan, if you already know people who play it
  • Ticket to Ride, if you want a gentle learning curve
  • Century: Golem Edition if shiny gemstones and cute pictures of golems doing community services sounds ideal

If you already have friends or family who are into boardgames, you should send them a message and ask about any of the above games! Good playgroups will definitely be excited to get a new player on board. You’ll be glad that you got into board games now instead of later, and that you got to join an awesome community when you did.

And share the board game that you end up playing, I want to know!

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*Note: I use the term “boardgames” and “board games” interchangeably, based on my mood. Linguistically speaking I’m inclined to posit that I conceptualize the genre as ‘boardgames’ and each individual game is a ‘board game’, but I haven’t reflected all too much on my habituations.

Published by Sage Atienza

Board game designer, English tutor, graphic designer, writer and researcher.

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